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Italian artist paints a house in Yakutsk

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italian painter

August 20, well-known Italian artist Agostino Iacurci began work on a drawing on the wall of a house on Lomonosov Street.

A huge mural - with the image of the Yakut choron and mammoth, painted in a peculiar manner of the artist - will decorate a nine-storey apartment house. This is the third work of the painter in Russia. He painted two walls in Moscow. At the end of this week, he plans to complete the project.


Agostino Iaсurci was invited by the City Hall and the National Art Museum in the framework of the biennale BY-18. "It's great that a muralist with a world name works on the image of Yakutsk. This indicates that Yakutsk joins the world of street art, and we will appear on the world art map of the world," the organizers of the project note.


Agostino Iacurci, artist:

- I was invited to participate in this project by my Moscow curator Sabina Chagina, with whom we worked during the second biennale of street art in Moscow. She told me about the wall, work and republic, which I knew very little about then, noting that it was necessary to paint something related to the Yakut culture and traditions.

Before that, I knew about Yakutia only through Riscgame, it's a popular game in Europe. My friends and I love to play it, it's something like Monopoly. The task is to conquer the world, and you are given a stylized political map. In this game it is said that Yakutia is a separate country, and, by the way, a very important country. There is Russia - Moscow and separately Yakutia - Yakutsk. I knew that you have permafrost, mammoths, and diamonds. And that's all I knew about Yakutia.



I started reading a lot about Yakutia, watching documentaries, studying culture. And almost in all documents, films I saw Choron - a symbol of abundance, happiness, wealth. It was everywhere: in the ordinary way of life, in paintings of artists, photographs, literature and in the images of national holidays. This is a very good symbol; nowhere else I have seen this. This is a good wish for people and the world art community.


This year, according to Chief Architect of Yakutsk Irina Alekseeva, there is funding for two walls, and they wanted to do "something very cool":
- Last year we had experience of painting on two streets of the city, it turned out very well. We think that if we invite a foreign eminent artist, it will somehow raise the image of our city in the world art environment. Our city will appear in the geography of the muralism of the world, easier to say, on the world art map of the world.


Atlanta, USA




He painted the walls in Algeria, Syria, Italy, Germany, Spain, America, India and so on. Agostino is known not only as a street art artist, he is exhibited in galleries and museums. We believe that this is the artist who will attract the attention of the public.

- Initially Miles McGregor agreed to work with us - an artist from the US who painted Polina Protodyakonova (international top model – Editor’s Note) in Arizona, but for family reasons he could not come.

Portrait of Polina Protodyakonova, artist Miles McGregor. Phoenix, Arizona (USA)